May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Meeting Minutes Location: Tom’s Community Center Date: January 15, 2022 Time: 10 a.m. Attendees Melissa Flynn Gerald Bruman Bruce Dinardo Karl Geary Joe Jones Sue Bailey Agenda Items I. Meeting venue. II. Officers. III. Membership. IV. Future Meetings/demonstrations. V. Show & Tell.

The meeting was called to order by the acting president, Melissa Flynn. NONPROFIT STATUS: Melissa will attempt to reach Mr. Sypniewski. She also invested the process through AAW. She will reach out to Tom for his input. MEETING VENUE: The Upper Township Senior Center fee is $50 per meeting and we may possibly be able to have demonstrations there and it was suggested to meet at this location in February. The cost was discussed and the chapter does have revenue coming in which would offset this fee. According to information from Alan, this location is almost always available. We then have to chose our meeting night/day. Gerald stated Tuesday seems to be the day that most members were happy with from his prior survey of the membership. The third Tuesday of each month will be our meeting day, aiming for 7 to 9 p.m. Melissa will make a call to set up the date/time and will ask about chairs & tables. Karl suggested bringing a shop vac. Tom has a new shop vac owned by the club. Gerald has a trailer loaded with everything we need to have a demonstration which he is purchasing from the club and making monthly payments. Joe also puts a portion of his stipend back into the club. This revenue will offset the cost of the venue. We will check with Tom. OFFICERS: At this time, our acting officers are as follows: • President: Melissa Flynn • Vice-President: Bruce Dinardo • Treasurer: Tom Henry • Secretary: Sue Bailey • Safety Officer: Jeffrey Snell (suggested) • Program Officer: • Education Officer: Joe Jones • Communications Officer: Sue Bailey (acting with Gerald’s assistance) C . A . W . C a p e A t l a n t i c W o o d t u r n e r s CAW Minutes 1/15/21 Page Two OFFICERS: (continued) Bruce suggested that we really need more input from the membership before we can actually elect the candidates. The members listed above are acting officers. Gerald stated that everyone typically shares duties but actual officer names are needed for the AAW. He also suggested that he used to select a member to do a demo and also do research for a presenter. Melissa also suggested a succession list of candidates for the future. Gerald suggested adding another signer for the account for purchases, etc. Melissa suggests the president, treasurer and vice-president as signers on the account. MEMBERSHIP: It was decided that a survey would be sent to our current membership to see who wants to remain an active member or just on our mailing list. Dues were also discussed. The current annual dues are $25 for individual and $35 for family. Sue suggested a slight increase to cover the costs of meeting venues. It was decided to keep the amount the same. It was explained that dues cover insurance for the guild, among other costs. Tom’s wife was kind enough to bring information regarding membership, as Tom was unable to attend. The suggestion to have rolling renewal was discussed, and it was decided to keep renewals at January of each year. Renewal forms will be going out within the month. FUTURE MEETINGS/DEMOS: The next meeting is scheduled for February 12th at 10 a.m. We will attempt to meet at either the library or at Tom’s community center. Information to follow. This meeting will be held to reactivate our website with the help of Gerald who formerly managed the site. The importance of the website was discussed with regard to attracting new members, showcasing our members’ creations, and providing good resources. Karl suggesting having members submit photos for the website. Gerald stated it’s ideal if everyone does something to be part of the club, such as demonstrations, assisting with various duties, helping setup, etc., like a rotating responsibility list. Gerald suggested meeting at Tom’s community center for a website meeting in lieu of our regular meeting. He will assist Melissa and Sue with the website design to get it up and running. The regular meeting date of 2/15 is cancelled, as we are meeting on the 12th ; all are welcome to attend. Gerald requested minutes be emailed to him, and this will be done. It was suggested to bring the following ideas to this meeting: • Members only page • Meeting schedule and minutes • Show & tell • Benefits of membership • Demos – fee for nonmembers attending? • Links to AAW, PSI, etc. • Class schedule at votech and photos of work CAW Minutes 1/15/22 Page Three SHOW & TELL Gerald presented a set of nesting bowls created from spalted maple. These were rough turned with a bowlsaver. Bruce presented a walking stick, and also showed photos of a cake tier and chess set. Joe presented a maple live edge cup, a sea urchin ornament, resin casted flower, and a live edge bowl. Karl shared a photo of a cremains urn. Thanks to all for sharing! With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Sue Bailey Acting Secretary Minutes approved via motion made by_________________ & seconded by__________________.