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Jimmy Clewes.

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Jimmy Clewes demonstrates 6 projects. Turn It On, a 3-DVD set, features the inimitable Jimmy Clewes in over six hours of compelling workshop video. Experience the magic as he turns six unique pieces of wood into six unique pieces of art.

We have Disc 3 ONLY from the set.

Highly detailed, creative workshops. Stunning close-ups and “bevel-cam” shots provide you with a bird’s eye view of Jimmy at work. As each project evolves, you gain a deeper understanding of his creative approach and the various techniques he uses to achieve the final finished piece.

Six amazing transformations. Learn the finer points of turning and decorative techniques as Jimmy demonstrates his use of a ball gouge to turn a Burr Birch bowl and then embellish it with 14-karat gold leaf. Or explains his method for turning a dramatic long-stem goblet. Or shows the mounting techniques involved in turning a rectangle of wood into a sleek Oriental-style lidded box. And so much more.

Experience the rewards of turning wood. In Turn It On, Jimmy Clewes delves deeply into the art and craft of woodturning. Along the way, he also reveals how a flexible, creative approach allows the hidden spirit of the wood to emerge into a silver-studded bowl or graceful lidded box.

About Jimmy Clewes:
Described as a “renegade” and “free thinker, ” Jimmy Clewes is not the stereotypical image of a woodturner. His charming British style, unending wit, creative mind, and magnetic personality contribute to his popularity. Jimmy is on the Register of Professional Woodturners in the United Kingdom and a member of the American Association of Woodturners. He has taught in the UK, Europe, Canada, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and now in his new home in the United States.

Disc 3 ONLY!

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