Tools for Hollow Turning

David Ellsworth.

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This video begins with a brief history of David Ellsworth's work in hollow wooden forms, and includes a full exploration of the bent tools he designed in the mid-1970's that have allowed him to make remarkably thin-walled forms on the lathe through a process he calls "Blind Turning."

Beyond the tools themselves, he also discusses how and why the bent tool design works; how to sharpen the tool tips; how to make effecient, functional and ergonomically sound tool handles, including ferrules; correct body positions for safety and comfort while turning hollow forms; plus organizing the interior cuts to make the process more manageable; a cutaway view of his straight and bent tools working inside a hollow form; how to remove the nib in the center of the bottom using the famed, yet often overlooked Ellsworth "wire" caliper for measuring wall thickness in both the upper and lower areas of the form.

This video was originally conceived to help beginner level turners make hollow forms on the lathe but it has now become a standard for the design and usage of hollowing turning tools for all levels of experience.

This how-to woodworking video runs 59 minutes.

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