The Fundamentals of Woodturning

Mike Darlow

This is for anyone who wants to learn:
  • the various turning techniques with both scraping and cutting tools.
  • how to design your own great-looking projects.
  • how to dramatically improve your skills at the lathe.
  • how to choose the woodturning path that suits you best.
  • which lathe and chucking system to buy.
  • how to crank out consistently identical furniture parts, balusters, and tableware.
  • how to make delicate vases with porcelain-thin walls.

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The Fundamentals of Woodturning is the ultimate introductory guide to the fine art of using the lathe to shape wood into special boxes, bowls, hat stands, balusters, toys, and other beautiful objects. Internationally renowned woodturner and teacher Mike Darlow expertly guides the novice as well as the more experienced woodworker, step-by-step, with exercises and projects that develop all the needed skills and confidence, while also conveying all the fun and enjoyment of this craft.

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