Ron Befferman

I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1938, raised in The Bronx and now reside in Atlantic County, New Jersey. I always had the desire to do some creative work in the arts. However, because of work and family, I did not have the opportunity. It was only in my later years that I was able to pursue artistic endeavors and delved into sculpture, photography and stained glass. It wasn’t until I got into wood working that I discovered my passion.

After a period of building furniture, I developed an interest in wood turning, which requires the use of a specific piece of equipment—the lathe. This then led me to a particular area of wood turning called “segmented” turning. Segmented turning requires very detailed and accurate cutting of small pieces of wood (segments) and gluing them into rings. The rings are then glued together and turned on the lathe to produce objects of art. Prior to starting a segmented project, full size plans have to be accurately drawn. The most difficult part of segmented turning is the accuracy required in cutting these segments, as they must be precise to 1/1000 of an inch. Some of my projects are made up of several hundred wood segments and require months to complete. I enjoy this specific style of wood turning as it allows me to produce and explore objects of unique turned art. I like to think of myself as pushing the limits of woodturning and combining it with woodworking for each project I undertake.
Ron in the news for his Corian turnings. Ron in the news for his segmented woodturnings.

Enjoy a video of some of Ron's work.

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