October 2013

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #3, Issue #10
Subject: Club Minutes 10/15/13
  • Tom Henry
  • Doug James
  • Ron Befferman
  • Arthur Bichsel
  • Bob Broschart
  • Alan Tasoff
  • Kathy Fulginiti
  • Bob Nickey
  • Gerald Bruman
  • Joe Jones
  • William Joe
  • Betty Campbell
  • Bob Keefe
  • Gerald and Trina McGranthum

We had a great turnout at our October meeting. The first order of business was to bring up the idea of having a workshop for January. The suggestion brought up by Ron was to turn an old fashioned YoYo. As simple as it sounds, it does require some skill to accurately construct one. This would make a great gift. No batteries required, no beeps, no buttons. We hope there will be other recommendations for additional workshop projects. Arthur Bichsel will be shepherding us through this unusual project at the technical school. We will discuss this further at our November meeting.

Our show and tell included an excellent segmented bowl turned by Doug James. We can all appreciate the precision and time it took to create this. Similarly, Joe Jones showed a “Poor Man’s” segmented covered pedestal bowl. As Joe is new to segmented woodturning, he did an excellent job. Ron continued his work in Corian, showing a fine dagger. Kathy Fulginiti brought in a slideshow of photos she took in Virginia of a manually operated pole lathe. Bob Nickey showed some unique Christmas ornaments.

We had a raffle which added $63 to the club treasury bringing our balance to $527.45. Thank you to those who brought in raffle prizes.

The club would like to thank Trina McGranthum for the beautifully embroidered shirts with our club logo. This will be a treat to wear. Thank you Trina!

Joe Jones gave a well prepared presentation on his “Poor Man’s” method of segmenting. Joe went through the whole procedure of segmenting starting with how he gets the proper dimensions for the diameter of the ring he wants to create. He then showed us how he sets up his miter saw to cut accurate angles. He brought in many samples of his work in various stages of completion. This helped us to see the process. We know Joe spent a lot of hours preparing this demonstration and he deserves a very special thanks.

Your skirtless secretary,


President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel

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