May 2016

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #6, Issue #5
Subject: Club Minutes 5/17/2016

Tonight's episode of the Atlantic county AAW will be another exciting evening of fun, facts, and no food. Speaking of food it is time for the first summer social, this is where all the food will be. The date is June 25th beginning at 1:00 pm at Alan Tasoff's house. Everyone is encouraged to be on time as Alan will be showing off his diving skills as he dives off the garage roof into the shallow end of the pool. There is a list of food items everyone would like to bring online that Gerald Bruman has put together. This way there are not 8 bowls of potato salad and a bag of chips to eat.

Our scheduled demonstrator had to unexpectedly cancel. We are planning on rescheduling him. The date is yet to be determined. We found an alternative demonstrator for the evening. He also had to cancel at the last minute. The back-up has been rescheduled for the July meeting.

Just the mention of our famous raffle had the line out the door to buy tickets. Plenty of wood blanks ready to be transformed into the next Guggenheim exhibit.

Attendees were Gerald Bruman, Hugh O'Donnell, Joe Jones,
John Andrews, Alan Tasoff, William Joe, Daniel Takayama, Doug James, Bob Broschart and Tom Henry.

Your skirt less secretary,


Up Coming Events

  • First ever SUMMER CAW SOCIAL at Alan Tasoff’s house, 238 Leap St., EHT
  • Structural Engineering presentation by Dr. Rynone in July.

See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Joe Jones
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