May 2008

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Subject: Club Minutes 5/20/2008

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. We had a good turnout for our planning group. After discussing different ideas concerning future demonstrations and workshops, it was decided that we should use demonstrators from within our club or members from other local clubs, as bringing in professional turners would be too costly.

Since that time, I have e-mailed Phil Hauser of Del Val Woodturners asking if anyone in his club would volunteer to come and do a demonstration for us. I did receive one response from Thomas Jackson, who teaches classes at Woodcraft and has demonstrated for Phil's group. He would be happy to demonstrate whatever we may decide; such as use of skew, turning lidded boxes, etc. We will firm it up at a later date.

Tom Henry and Don Matousch coordinated on setting up a woodturning class consisting of 14 students at Absegami High School. They have had two sessions already, which included bottle stops and pens. Two more sessions are scheduled for this week. On behalf of the club, thanks to Tom and Don for their untiring willingness to pass along the art of woodturning to the younger generation.

The meeting started off with Jeff Gerber giving a most interesting and complete history of the hornbeam tree, which is growing on his property. With the use of charts, maps and wood samples, Jeff's presentation included the history of the area and the events that took place that led up to the planting of the hornbeam (aka ironwood), which is not native here, but to England. The talk generated many questions and a lively discussion enjoyed by all. Our thanks to Jeff.

We had a nice participation for the Show and Tell portion of our meeting. My thanks to all who did participate.

Please remember, our next meeting on June 17, will be held at the Vo-Tech for a workshop on natural-edge bowls conducted by Bob Broschart. Note we will be starting at six o'clock. We will have enough workstations set up for everyone. Bring your favorite 1/2 " or 5/8" sharpened bowl gouge if you have one. Otherwise, the club will provide one. Please note also, all participants must be members of AAW.

In July, Tom Henry will give a demonstration on turning a peppermill. In August, Peter Kolb will give a presentation on finishing. This was originally scheduled for May but had to be rescheduled due to time constraints.