March 2013

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #3, Issue #3
Subject: Club Minutes 3/19/13

The meeting was called to order and those present were:
Betty Campbel, Robert Keefe, Bernard Sypniewski, Tom Henry, Joe Jones, Doug James, Kathy Fulginiti, John Yubchanik, Shirley Hill, William Joe, Arthur Bichsel, Bob Broschart, Ron Befferman, and Gerald McGranthan

We were happy to receive two new members Kathy Fulginiti, and Bernard Sypniewski. Welcome.

A discussion and response to the "Wounded Warrior Project" was held. Tom had sent for an information sheet regarding what information we will need to offer to the veterans. Shirley and John having presented the "Wounded
Warrior Project might be persuaded to take the lead in this project.
Items to be looked into were:

  1. Possibly offering an Introductory series to Wood Turning.
  2. Timing could be Sat. or Sun. in the fall
  3. Will we need a budget? Possibly needing to feed the participants.
  4. Possibly getting the Vo Tec to co-host the event.
  5. Finding out what disabilities we could handle at a Teaching Event?
  6. Arranging Transportation and including the limits on distance.

The AAW has lost Their original Insurance coverage and has offered a substitute policy at a price of $90.00 per year for each sanctioned club. (We have replied to AAW with our $90 and are covered) Arthur Bichsel is looking into the coverage as it is represented in the AAW correspondence.

The item of Club Insurance as to what is our coverage and what can we expect regarding our Demonstrations, Seminars and Work Shops was discussed and hopefully will be understood soon.

Regarding membership in AAW and our Club.. What Insurance coverage do we have???

The following list represents our membership roster as currently understood:


  • Ronald Befferman
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Shirley Hill
    • NO, YES
  • Robert Nickey
    • 12/31/2013, NO
  • Thomas Cambria
    • 2012, NO
  • Tony Dentino
    • 2010, NO
  • Betty Campbell
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Thomas Henry
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Thomas Bandy
    • NO, NO
  • Tony Amand
    • NO, NO
  • Gerald McGrantham
    • NO, YES
  • Donald Matousch
    • 2010, NO
  • Anita Battersby
    • NO, NO
  • Arthur Bichsel
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Gerald Bruman
    • 12/31/2014, YES
  • Charles Town
    • 2010, NO
  • Joseph Parsons
    • 2010, NO
  • William Duffield
    • 2006, YES
  • Diane Brown
    • 12/31/2013, NO
  • Brian McCaughey
    • 2007, NO
  • John Andrews
    • NO, NO
  • Robert Broschart
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Robert Keef
    • NO, YES
  • Raymond Astillero
    • 2011, NO
  • Douglas James
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Jeffery Schnell
    • 12/31/2013, NO
  • Alan Tasoff
    • 12/31/2013, YES
  • Jason Errett
    • NO, NO
  • Joseph Jones
    • NO, NO
  • William Joe
    • NO, YES
  • Kathy Fulginiti
    • NO, YES
  • Bernard Sypeniewski
    • NO, YES
  • Joe Jones
    • NO, YES

Arthur Bichsel will be in contact with the AAW Director to simplify our understanding of the coverage we have.

The Club Web Site and its maintenance was discussed by Gerald McGrantham as to its existence.
A new Web site is under construction and will be listed as and .net. All registration and correspondence will be through the club at the Treasures address.(Tom Henry) Our Web Master will be Gerald McGrantham. The Site will be an Interaction one including Face Book and member up-dates and comments. The News Letter will be inserted each month. Hopefully some Vendor links and other things will also be listed. Gerald will layout the costs to get started to be reimbursed by the club.

Tom reported the Vo Tec Class was completed and the final meeting on the 21st had a terific "Show & Tell" As shown below.

Ron treated us to a demonstration in the process of making embedded Star shapes in a block of wood. He showed us how to table saw unique peaces of wood into a series of blocks that can be glued into a complete Star assembly. Using a 10" table saw and some home-made fixtures it all looked almost "easy". The secret of course is to keep the pieces square and the angles perfect. Any deviation will cause spaces in the parts when assembled.

Good work Ron and thank you.

Picture Gallery

Pictures From Adult Education Woodturning Class at Cape May County Technical School

Class Members
Student and Instructor

Up Coming Events

  • Discussion of our Insurance coverage as it pertains to our Club and it's mission By Arthur Bichsel.
  • Please remember your club dues are due this month. $25. Please send to Tom Henry or bring it to the next meeting.

President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel
Webmaster/Secretary - Gerald McGrantham
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