March 2012

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #2, Issue #3
Subject: Club Minutes 3/20/2012

A meeting of the Cape Atlantic Woodworker's Club was held on March 20 at 7 PM and discussions of the following matters were led by President Befferman. Members present were: Tom Henry, Jason Errett (new member), Arthur Bichsel, Jeff Schnell, Doug James, Gerald Bruman, Tom Cambria, Bob Broschart, Shirley Hill, Betty Campbell and Alan Tasoff.

  • Acquisition of a digital projector and/or flat screen TV. Jeff Schnell will investigate options.

  • Dust control at the ACCC workshops: Masks, equipment were discussed as possibilities. Tom Henry will look into acquiring paper masks, which are the simplest and least expensive option.

  • Club workshops to be held every other month, and will include sharpening (end of August) and cleaning of the lathes and chucks

  • Club projects were discussed. A technique for turning a set of coasters from a single block was discussed as a challenge, but no decision was made on this for a project. Knife handles will be the club project for May. Jeff Schnell will bring in additional kits for those who do not have them.

  • Betty Cambell will prepare for a meeting on finishing in the future.

  • A safety issue of table saw kickbacks and prevention of same was brought up by Vice President Tasoff, who discussed an article, presented a "Board Buddy" and the option of a kill switch operated by knee for table saws.

  • Tom Henry gave the treasurer's report. He also discussed the most economical method of purchasing pen kits and other items from Penn State with regard to obtaining our regular discount.

  • Tom Henry will again be giving the turning class at Cape May County Vo-Tech in the fall.

  • Gerald Bruman has offered a repeat demo at his shop, this time to exhibit the operation of his 16 foot lathe.

  • The Silverton Yacht Co. will be having a yard sale, There will be an opportunity to purchase hardware and lumber remnants.

  • Participation in show and tell was by Alan, Shirley Doug, Betty, Tom , Arthur , Gerald and Ron. There were really some very beautifully done turnings. You can really see the progress that some members are making.

Picture Gallery

Happy Attendees
Not so Happy Attendees
Alan's Jewelry Box
Betty's Bowl Harp???
Betty's Sea Urchin Ornament
Shirley's First Bowl
Shirley's Candle Stick
Doug's Rescue Bowl
Doug's Crash and Burn Bowl
Doug's Beautiful Deep Hollow Bowl
Gerald Bruman "The Large Bowl Master"
Arthur's Adjustable "Jam Chuck"
Gerald Bruman's Laminated Bowl
Gerald Bruman's Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Gerald Bruman's Drunken Fruit Bowl
A True All Skew Turned Box and Cover By Gerald McGranthum

Up Coming Events

  • April - Metal Spinning Demo/Work Shop Gerald & Arthur
  • May - Gerald McGrantham demonstrating turning a Christmas ornament Club Project Making Knife Handles
  • June - Finishing Processes Betty And Friends
  • July - Possible Tour of Gerald's 16 Foot Long Lathe
  • Aug - Tool Grinding Demo/Work shop Jeff And Cleaning Up Club Tools & Lathes For Next Classes at the Vo Tec

See you there!

President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel

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