June 2016

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #6, Issue #6
Subject: Club Minutes 6/25/2016

We had our first ever "CAW Summer Social." It was a great success! There was plenty of good food and cheer for all. Alan and Jackie did a great job hosting the event and are making plans for next year's festivities.

The grill was fired up early. First we had hotdogs, then chicken and more hotdogs, and finally we had half a cow sections of beef roasting away. All was tasty...

We were led on a tour of Alan's house by past president Ron Befferman. Alan is a master woodworker and has furnished much of his house with his masterpieces. It was obvious to us that woodturning is just one of his many woodworking skills. We also had a tour of Alan's shop. How many people have a carpeted shop????

Alan found the time to do some cleaning in his awesome shop. All the junk he didn't want was lined up for raffle. We raised $49 for the club and took away his merchandise.

Photo Gallery

Michelle Andrews relaxing, William Joe enjoying beverage, John Andrews contemplating firing up the grill.
Bob Broschart and Jeff Schnell enjoying some food.
Betty Campbell getting her baby fix.
Posing for the baby fix.
Okay, enough baby fix
John Andrews and Ron Befferman talking about John's newly acquired lathe.
Gerald Bruman listening in.
Art and Dee Miller relaxing.
Randy Sage and William Joe relaxing.
RuthAnn Befferman and Joe Jones
Gerald Bruman and Betty Campbell discussing a tornado damaged tree on her neighbor's garage.
Fran Sage and Bob Broschart
Grace Broschart taking it all in.

Starting Alan Tasoff's Workshop Tour

Should we wipe our feet before entering?
Chisel holder behind the lathe.
Tool cabinet made by Alan.
Alan Tasoff showing Gerald Bruman some details.
Alan and Gerald
Doug, John, and Randy checking things out.
Paul and Doug James wondering why only half of the shop has carpet...
Ron showing some fine points to Art, Dee, and Doug.
John and Doug.
Alan must have cleaned his shop.
Getting ready for a group photo.
Everybody say CHEESE.
Gathering for a raffle.
Check this stuff out.
I'm out of here.
Grace and RuthAnn wondering why anybody would want this stuff.
Happy times.
Randy Sage and Doug James.
Gerald Bruman and Fran Sage selling tickets.
Fran Sage, Bob Broschart, Betty Ccampbell, and Erin Peek
Proud daddy.

Up Coming Events

  • Dr. William Rynone will fly in on July 19th and give us a presentation on spindle structural engineering.

See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Joe Jones
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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