June 2014

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #4, Issue #6
Subject: Club Minutes 6/17/2014

This evening's pre-summer gala began with a show and tell for the ages. A wonderful collection of art crafted by our own crafty members. Shirley had a collection of platters showing various techniques she is quickly learning, watch out for her at the next craft show hawking her wares to the public! Joe Jones showed how he can reach into the scrap pile and come up with a covered bowl worthy of the finest candies to fill it. Alan Tassoff went to town on his larger lidded bowl, the lid having ebony strips in it to highlight his delicate touch. He saved a chunk of cherry from a failed demo months ago and "turned" it into another work of art worthy of anyone's mother in the ash form.

Dave is the lucky recipient of the bring back project, one which is added to every month with some additional pieces or shaping, good luck this time. Presidente Gerald made an amazing bowl using the ring technique it was quite a beautiful piece and shows what talent he really has. I personally spoke with him about the construction and I am still lost. Guess I better get out there and watch him make one next time.

Doctor Doug showed the group his fill-agree skills using a dremel and some other dentist looking tool. It looks interesting and adds an interesting dimension to the lip of a bowl but it makes my teeth hurt just watching. There was a lot of work done by Doug, Arthur and Gerald to lug all the equipment in and then break it all down again. Thanks for your efforts gentlemen.

This month's raffle had no items, seems no members were willing to part with any of the crap sitting around their shop so someone else could win it and let it sit around in their shop. Next month we are expecting big things..........

After cleaning up all the sawdust shavings and a few dead crickets we managed to get the room back to its original condition ready for another day. Thanks for everyone for pitching in and making it all work.

Our past president Ron Befferman was not able to attend, he is auditioning for a new version of the t.v. show "Hee-Haw" so we wish him well in his endeavors. Hopefully the king of dorian will be back with us soon unless he moves to Hollywood. If so I get first dibs on his lathe.

Those in attendance were: Joe Jones, Arthur Bichsel, Kathy Fulginiti, Bob Broschart, Bob Nickey, Aduah Dagon, Shirley Hill, Dave Yubchanik, John Andrews, Alan Tasoff, Gerald Bruman and Doug James.

Your skirtless secretary,


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Up Coming Events

  • Next month we are going to be treated to a "Hands On" session of the Art of Grinding your favorite turning tools.. (Bring yours if you want to try sharpening). Bob Broschart is going
    to teach us all of the finer points of Tool Grinding. Don't Miss this one.
  • We need Items for the Raffle... (It is the only source of revenue we have. You can look around your shop and surely find some tool you don't need any more or something you haven't
    used in years.) Please bring in something.

See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Arthur Bichsel
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel
Webmaster/Secretary - Gerald Mc Grantham
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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