July 2016

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #6, Issue #7
Subject: Club Minutes 7/19/2016

Members Present were: Gerald Bruman, John Andrews, Randy Sage, Fran Sage, Betty Campbell, Joe Jones, Bob Broschart, Tom Henry, Ron Befferman, Alan Tasoff and Hugh O'Donnell

Someone call the police!!! Half the summer is already missing!! This month's meeting of CAW is more of a stroll down memory lane from last month's social gathering at Alan and Jackie's house. Seems to be the general consensus it may be the first of an annual event, everyone enjoyed themselves enough to not only remember what happened but to continue talking about it.

The evening began with a presentation by William Rynone, a retired engineer that has been employed by John Hopkins, the Naval Academy and a host of other impressive institutions. The topic was concerned with spacing balusters in railings, chair backs etc. evenly using a program he designed himself. Yes everyone was slightly on edge when they saw calculators, freshly sharpened pencils and a handout at each seat. Yes, we actually had to figure out different calculations. Very interesting discussion although a little out of most people's wheelhouse making it all the more unique. Thank you to William for his time and effort to enlighten us and share your program which he offered on a CD to all who wanted one.

President Gerald Bruman has been spending considerable time trying to improve the club website. He is asking all members to send hime some background about themselves and their woodturning history, what you enjoy making, any specialties along with some photos. This can greatly improve the content and let people curious about the club find out what type of people and their experience levels. We have experts all the way down to your secretary who has almost no experience at all. I do have some experience using a finish nail gun and having the nail take a right turn and go right into my finger. So take some time and send some information to get the website on its way to becoming a national treasure.

Show and tell, otherwise known now as the Joe Jones show was again impressive. Alan Tasoff turned a bowl. Thank you Alan. Tom showed a relatively new item, canning jar lids. Tom wasn't happy with the results so far, but he will have it mastered soon. Joe Jones brought in some small turnings made from a green mulberry branch, a mulberry pen pen that glows in black light and a small wine cup that he used the "lost wood" process. Everyone was intrigued and interested to the point it was the topic of talk as everyone was going home. Joe is going to try to give a demonstration next month to show some of his magic.

Gerald introduced a "Club Challenge" item to turn at the end of the meeting. Gerald has challenged each member to turn something from a construction grade 8 foot 2"x6". The turned item is due at the December meeting. You can make one turning or many turnings. You should use most of the wood from the board (at least 80% of it). You can add other materials or wood for decoration and contrast (10% of turning maximum). Good luck with this one!

Your skirtless secretary,


Photo Gallery

Dr. William Rynone
Eager Members
William Rynone
Getting Ready for the Show
Ron Befferman Enjoying the Presentation
Happy Members
More Enjoyment
Gerald Bruman Showing the Revived Website
Joe Jones "Lost Wood" Goblet
Joe Jones "Lost Wood" Goblet
Joe Jones Green Mulberry Wood Turnings
Joe Jones' Mulberry Pen That Glows in a Black Light
Tom Henry Showing some Jar Lids
Alan Tasoff with a Walnut Bowl
Walnut Bowl
Raffle Items

Up Coming Events

  • Joe Jones was coerced into giving the club a demonstration on "Lost Wood Turning" for our August meeting.
  • Should be very revealing!

See you there August 16th!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Joe Jones
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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