July 2013

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #3, Issue #7
Subject: Club Minutes 7/17/13

The meeting was called to order at 7:15PM by Vice President Alan Tasoff. Those in attendance were: Doug James, Bob Nickey, Gerald Bruman, Joe Jones, Bob Broschart, Kathy Fulginiti, Alan Tasoff, Bernard Sypniewski, and Arthur Bichsel.

Alan gave a report on the condition of our Pres. Ron Befferman who is recovering from abdominal surgery. Ron is at home in some pain but is walking and doing stairs. His appetite has not come back yet but he is doing well.

Jeffery Schnell gave a video presentation of his and Doug James trip to the AAW Summer Conference at Tampa Florida. With some aid from Gerald and his Video Projector, the presentation was enlightening and informative. Being as most of our members have not attended an AAW countrywide show of the real masters work in Woodturning it was a treat to watch and listen to the presentation.

Allan spoke about the differences between Harbor Freights Box Clamps and the quality of a better named Clamp. The result... None unless you factor in the price difference is about two to one. The clamps both seemed to be manufactured in China regardless of what name was stamped on them. So much for buy U.S.A.

We had a raffle for the purpose of trying to replenish our Treasury... We managed to increase its total by $39.00 it is a start but we have a long way to go to pay
for our new Insurance Policy.

Bob Broschart gave an interesting narrative of his efforts to produce a Major League Baseball Bat like the ones we saw produced at the Victus Sports Co. Although they would not give out specific dimensions for a bat Bob endured and produced one for his neighbor a high school boy who is trying for a career in Baseball. It looked real official to us and a real nice job.

Doug James showed his skill at turning wood threads both male and female, All freehand and beautifully done on a set of wood containers. I think this was a first for any of our wood turners.

Bob Nickey showed an assortment of Plates and items with different finishes on them. Most of us could not discern the differences but they all were super.

Kathy Fulginiti showed a very unique Spice Container with a removable Cap.

Joe Jones showed a remarkable Segmented Multi Wood turned bowl. The entire segmentation's were cut on a standard Chop Saw. Doug James apparently was whispering in his ear as to the interesting technique used. I myself have
no idea as to the previous experience Joe has but this effort was exceptional. (Sounds as though Joe might have to give us a demonstration of his process..(hint,hint)).

The meeting was adjourned with a call from the Vice President to all to be sure and bring some Show and Tell for next time. Also we need more raffle money to bring up our Treasury. Bring whatever you can donate for the raffle.

Your skirtless secretary,


Photo Gallery

Bob Broschart’s ML Bats
Doug’s Turned and Threaded Container
Doug’s Turned and Threaded Container
Bob Nickey’s Rescued Bud Vase
Bob Nickey’s Coaster
Joe Jones’ Segmented Bowl
Another View
Segmented Bowl Bottom
Kathy Fulginiti’s Spice Container

Up Coming Events

  • Our next meeting will be on August 20th at the Library at 7:00 PM.
See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Arthur Bichsel
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeffery Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel
Webmaster/Secretary- Gerald Mc Grantham
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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