January 2014

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #4, Issue #1
Subject: Club Minutes 1/28/2014

The meeting was called to order by Arthur Bichsel. Those in Attendance were: Bob Broschart, Joe Jones, Jeff Schnell, Kathy Fulginity, Shirley Hill, JD Yubchanik, Tom Henry, Doug James, Sean O'Hara, Ron Befferman, Gerald Bruman, Betty Campbell and Arthur Bichsel. A special welcome to Sean as a first time visitor and hopeful member to our club.

The first order of business was to ask for volunteers for the open offices of President and vice-President of the club. After a long moment of silence there appeared to be no eager volunteers. Ron broke the silence by nominating Gerald Bruman for the office of President. This was seconded by Arthur Bichsel and Bob Broschart.

A call for a Vice-President volunteer was made and with no one volunteering, Gerald nominated Arthur for the office of Vice-President. This nomination was seconded by Ron Befferman. Since there were no other volunteers or nominations for either of the positions there wasn’t an election necessary. Gerald and Arthur gladly accepted their new positions, they have big shoes to fill following the great leadership of Ron and Alan. Good luck Gerald and Arthur!

Arthur then led a discussion recommending that we drop the AAW supplemental insurance since it is redundant to our liability insurance and apparently offers no additional benefits for the cost of the policy. Besides it saves us $95.00 a year.

Tom distributed the “2014 CAW Membership Renewal” form. Please take the time to complete it and either mail it to Tom, or bring it to the February meeting. (Any members that couldn’t attend the meeting feel free to send an e-mail to info@capeatlanticwoodturners.com and we will get you a form.)

As the new president, Gerald shared his basic philosophy for the monthly meetings. He would like the “business” portion of the meeting to be kept to a minimum with show-and-tell and demonstrations or workshops to be the majority of the meeting. Gerald’s plan is to have some sort of actual turning at every meeting. His concern was to be able to plan in advance for the meetings. He brought up that the “Planning Meeting” that was cancelled last week due to the weather was a crucial element. He re-scheduled the meeting for Saturday, February 1st, at Ron’s house (yes, Ruth Ann gave her blessing for this short notice meeting). Gerald apologizes for the short notice. If you can’t make the meeting, and would like to send him an e-mail, geraldbruman@aol.com, with any ideas or concerns you have for the future of the club it would be appreciated.

Arthur led another great workshop for us! Even though he was not feeling well, He discussed the entire procedure (with what little voice he had) on how to make a goblet or egg cup. Arthur distributed multiple profiles of the pieces to be turned and then showed how to use the various copies of the same profile picture as a template while turning to be able to create a pre-determined shape with specified dimensions. He discussed his process on how to go from a square turning block, to octagonal on the table saw, then finally cylindrical on the lathe. Arthur stressed that the ends of the block needed to be cut square. He then went through finding the centers and using a special “center drill” in his drill press to make appropriate countersinks in the turning block before mounting. (“Center Drills” can be purchased at harbor freight.) After mounting between centers and turning into a cylindrical shape, an appropriate tenon is turned for the chuck being used to hold the piece in the next step. Then Arthur explained how to mount the blank in a chuck making sure it runs “true.” He then showed how to bore a hole using a forsner bit that is smaller than the inner diameter of the finished goblet, boring down to an appropriate depth to allow the finishing of the interior with turning tools. He stressed the importance of turning the piece to a final thickness as you work from the cup end of the goblet to the stem. Also, sand and finish as you go. When it comes time to part it off, part it at a slight angle to make sure it doesn’t wobble on the center when finished. Using a "Jam Chuck" for support is a good practice. We then watched a short video (no sound) with Arthur narrating for us (still his poor voice…). Jeff came to the rescue when he realized that we could play the video on the TV, which had sound, instead of the projector. Thanks for saving us Jeff! After watching the video the turning started. It appeared that good time was had by all.

Again, many thanks to Arthur for preparing the workshop, and also to Tom for coordinating the use of the tech school and preparing the blanks.

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Doug James
Doug James
Doug James
Doug James
Arthur Bichsel's Goblet for the Workshop

Up Coming Events

  • Our next meeting will be held on Feb. 18th at the Library at 7:00 PM, Tom Henry will be demonstrating pen turning.

See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Arthur Bichsel
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeffery Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel
Webmaster/Secretary - Gerald Mc Grantham
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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