January 2013

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #3, Issue #1
Subject: Club Minutes 1/15/2013

Our meeting was held at the Cape May VoTec Facilities.
Those in attendance were Betty Campbell, Bob Keefe, Tom Henry, Bob Broschart, Jeffrey Schnell, Doug James, Gerald Bruman, William Duffield, Alan Tasoff, Arthur Bichsel and Ron Befferman.

Our demonstrator was Alan Tasoff who presented a very informative and humorous workshop. He was well prepared with flip charts, turned Finials and gave an excellent demonstration before we went off on our own. Alan had also prepared and sharpened the club's gouges specifically for finial turning.

There was a nice turnout and everyone had fun practicing. We hope to see more demonstrations from Alan in the future.

Tom Henry led a discussion about the AAW's problem on finding an affordable insurance company to supply us with liability. Until then, this will prohibit our club's ability for any outreach program. It has been decided to do nothing at this time, but to see what the solution AAW will come up with to resolve this problem. Without the liability insurance from AAW, there is no benefit to us being associated with them as a chapter.

Picture Gallery

Finished samples for inspiration
Additional samples of Alan Tasoff's work
Alan Tasoff and his charts
What this demonstration needs is a little more visibility
This is how you do it... Pay attention!
I don't know I think it goes this way You guy's don't know what you are doing!!
Ask me "What am I smiling about??"
The President, Ron Befferman, busy at work
Is this is the way you do it??
No... You first have to file the tool rest flat before you start !!

Up Coming Events

  • The February Meeting will be our regular Show and Tell, a raffle for a set of turning tools, and a period of open discussion. Ron will bring a star making jig and some finished samples of his efforts. We will also continue our discussion of our future with AAW and the liability problem.
  • Ron is continuing to offer a workshop at his home for those members who want to delve into the magic of "Segmented Turning." Those who have signed-up for the Work Shop are....
    • Betty Campbell
    • Jeff Schnell
    • Gerald Bruman
    • Shirley Hill
  • If you are interested in joining the group please contact Ron...
  • Please remember your club dues is do this month. $25. Please send to Tom Henry or bring it to the next meeting.

President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel

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