Furniture Making From The Inside Out

J.D. Lawrence

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Even seemingly complex furniture is really no more difficult to build than the component parts that go into it. Find out how to break a piece of furniture down into its parts -- the carcass, face frame, doors, drawers, base frame, drawer support frame, and bracket feet -- build them, and then assemble them into a finished project. See how each element contributes to the whole, and apply the techniques and ideas used to build any project "from the inside out". Photos, drawings, and diagrams illustrate every aspect of this innovative approach. For each "building block", various ways of constructing it are presented, including both machine- and hand-worked methods. In addition to a bookcase project, instructions are also included for building a tool chest, a workbench, a router table, and a variety of shop aids. Once the basic elements are recognized and their construction is understood, any piece of furniture can be built with confidence.

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