February 2012

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #2, Issue #2
Subject: Club Minutes 2/27/2012

The February 27th Meeting was held in the Cape May VoTec facilities at 6:00PM.
In attendence were John Andrews, Ron Befferman, Arthur Bichsel, Tom Henry, Betty Campbell, Jeff Schnell, Bob Broschart, Gerald Bruman, Doug James, Gerald McGrantham, Bob Seddon, Joann Assenheimer, Lisa McClusky, Stephanie Fisher, Jason Errett, Art Keefe and Bob Seddon.

The meeting was a Demonstration/Workshop for making a Lidded Jewelry Box, uniquely using just a Skew, Parting tool and a Drill. The meeting was started with a 30 min. video of the procedure and followed by a live demonstration by Bob Broschart actually producing a Jewelry Box. At that time everyone had the opportunity to turn a jewelery box for themselves.

This workshop was possible due to the work of Arthur Bichsel who oversaw the meeting and produced an informative demonstration video. All the blanks were provided by Arthur and Gerald to save turning time. Much thanks are bestowed to Gerald Bruman, Bob Broschart, And Tom Henry for helping to organize the night and the equipment. And don't forget our own Ansel Adams for his great job of taking photos and video of the evening, we would be a blank slate without Jeff Schnell. Without their efforts these workshops would certainly not "turn" out as well.

For two hours everyone was busy creating their own version of a jewelry box, the results were very satisfying to both the eye and the ego of those just learning. Remember: "Practice makes more shavings."

Picture Gallery

Lecture by the leader
Almost everyone watching the video
Bob Demonstrating the finer points
The Pres. busy at work
Betty merrily turning away
Stephanie charging ahead
Bob really getting into the turning
Doug and Joann working on the finer points
John.. (our scribe) "Who Me??"
Art waiting for the lathe to stop
Gerald in his quest to make the project with only the "Skew." What is all the dust about!!

Up Coming Events

  • During the March meeting we will be discussing up coming projects, reviewing the Feb. Demo/Workshop, Ideas for future meetings and checking out our "Show & Tell"
  • Coming soon in March, Arthur and Gerald will be demonstrating the Art of Metal Spinning, something quite different than what most are used to working with. Members are encouraged to attend.

See you there!

President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel

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