February 2006

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Subject: Club Minutes 2/20/2006

Turners: We had a good turnout Monday night, 15 people of which four were new visitors: Betty Campbell and Joe Parson from the Vo-Tech class, Hank DiPasquale and Doug Lundberg.

Treasurer's Report: Tom Henry reports we have a balance of $1096.27.

Penn State Industries orders: To obtain the club discount, e-mail Tom Henry buddy94@verizon.net

Vo Tech Workshop (Cape May County): Tom reports we have permission to hold a Saturday workshop in May. He is coordinating with AAW to get proper liability coverage to satisfy the school. Thanks, Tom, for all the work you are putting in at the Vo-Tech and coordinating the workshop and obtaining the discount for us at PSI.

Club Library: Gerald Bruman, Club Librarian, handed out a list of DVD's available for lending. He is currently comprising a list of books that will be available. If you have a book you are willing to lend, e-mail Gerald geraldbruman@aol.com Gerald, your efforts in putting together the club library are very much appreciated.

Workshop Tour this past Saturday: We wish to thank Nelson Brown and his lovely wife Eleanor for hosting a tour of Nelson's workshop and a demo of his vacuum pump.

Ron's trip to Hearne's with Arthur Bichsel: Ron thanked Arthur for an exciting airplane trip to Hearne's this past week. Ron recommends a trip to Hearne's if you have not been there. It was very impressive.

Proposal: Ron proposed holding a demonstration every other month rather than monthly. This would allow more time to devote to Show and Tell, Club Projects and open discussions. It was recommended we try it and see how it works out.

AAW Collaborative Project: Ron discussed a possible collaborative project for AAW's June symposium. This will require further research and discussion.

Club Project - Honey Dipper: There were some very interesting and varied designs of honey dippers, from very small to very large. Visitor Doug Lundberg was the judge and chose Arthur Bichsel's as being the most unique and creative. Great job, Arthur. The prize was a jar of honey (appropriate, huh?) I want to thank all who participated. The next project chosen by Tom Henry, Project Director, is a lamp. Tom says you can be as creative as you want, or follow the exact dimensions according to the plan.

Raffle: The raffle proceeds were $45. Gerald was the winner of a walnut peppermill blank donated by Mike Cunningham. Thanks, Mike. A chunk of green wood that no one could identify brought in by Gerald Bruman was taken home by Doug Lundberg.

Show and Tell: Our thanks to the following contributors to Show and Tell: Hank - beautiful pens; Doug James - first segmented bowl - excellent job, Doug! Gerald saved a project by creating a small bowl from a larger one, and a goblet from a failed honey dipper. Very clever! Jeff turned some bedpost finials to replace metal ones for his wife. Doing great, Jeff. Dennis brought in some beautifully done segmented instrument covers for his boat. Beautiful finish on it! Great job! Ron brought in his segmented sphere within a sphere. I hope no one was left out.

Demonstration: Mike Cunningham put on a well-prepared and complete demonstration in preparing and turning a peppermill. Along with several beautiful peppermills for display, Mike also handed out a very complete and detailed written procedure for constructing a peppermill. Thanks, Mike for a really excellent job. Everyone was very pleased with your demo.

Next meeting will be Monday, March 20. Tom Cambria will discuss, complete with computer slides, the construction of a Cyclone Vacuum System.