December 2014

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #4, Issue #12
Subject: Club Minutes 12/16/2014

A day to remember...

It was to be a truly gala event alas there was no band so Ron Befferman could show his artistry in the way of square dancing with his partner Ruth Ann. There was also no red carpet upon which we would walk if we were announced by name as we entered the auditorium. No roasted pig turning slowly above hot coals. Come to think of it there wasn't even a damn cheese ball with some crackers!! Even so everyone brought some sort of tasty treat to enjoy as we reminisced about the past year and what kind of tool will Gerald Bruman find in the land of the giants this year.

President Bruman (man with a tie) briefly re-capped the year’s events and moved to show and tell. He asked everyone to bring something that defines them as a woodturner. Gerald himself had a bowl with attached pedestal turned from a pine log. The pith was dead center. Two things you hear people say not to do yet his piece looks great and is in excellent shape. Just goes to show you can step outside the box, it's ok to be different. Doug James just went to a museum and stole a masterpiece rather than bring in his own. Nice work Doug. Ron showed off his non-wood turned pieces of Japanese art. Arthur claimed to not be a woodturner but was able to show off some beautifully engineered pieces. John the story teller brought in a rough blank and with the New Year resolutions done and over with is now obligated to “turn” it into something. Alan brought in a segmented piece that he claims that Ron inspired or twisted his arm to make. Joe showed off his inspiration pieces that drive him to perfection. Bob showed off a beautiful crotch wood bowl. Tom had some beautiful pens and explained what new techniques he will be using to make faux segmented blanks. Very interesting to listen to people's different interests , techniques, likes and dislikes. There is always an amazing amour of skill and knowledge at our meetings.

El Presidente has been planning for the 2015 version of the club. Interesting things are brewing, hopefully have some pro's come and give demonstrations, workshops, as well as our "normal" meetings of playing beer pong or sharpening chisels on the concrete sidewalk. All these ideas may bring up our member total by the hundreds or maybe 3 or 4. Here is a link to the 2015 CAW Schedule. It is still a work in progress.

After all the show and tell items were done we went back to foraging at the food trough. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to be there, bring something to eat as well as show, and we look forward to the coming year with vim and vigor.

Attendees: Marilyn and Arthur Bichsel, Yvonne and Gerald Bruman, John and Michelle Andrews, Jeff Schnell and Laurianne St. John, Alan and Jackie Tasoff, Tom and Loretta Henry, Doug James, Joe Jones, and Bob Broschart

And that's all for now folks,

Your skirtless secretary,
John Andrews

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Up Coming Events

  • The next meeting will be January 20'th 7:00 PM at the Library.
  • Production Turning - Betty Campbell.
  • Small Business Practices - Tom Henry, Betty Campbell and Bob Broschart.
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