Club History

On June 19, 2003, Ron and Ruth Ann Befferman, Richard Mason, Bob Broschart, and Sue and Carl Rotellini met in the home of Richard Mason in response to a newspaper ad placed by Ron requesting persons interested in forming a local woodturning club. With information from Atlantic Shore Woodturners, AAW and other sources, it was a productive organizational meeting. We decided to call ourselves Cape Atlantic Woodturners and to pursue affiliation with AAW. We discussed what the goals of the club should be, meeting format, and when and where to meet (Ron had already made tentative arrangements with Wood Workers Warehouse, English Creek Shopping Center).

Officers were chosen as follows:
  • Ron Befferman, President
  • Richard Mason, Vice-President
  • Ruth Ann Befferman, Secretary
  • Sue Rotellini, Treasurer.

Ruth Ann shortly thereafter assumed treasurer's duties. Our very first regular meeting was July 17, 2003 with Richard Mason demonstrating working with green wood.

Founding Members

  • Ron Befferman
  • Ruth Ann Befferman
  • Bob Broschart
  • Richard Mason
  • Carl Rotellini
  • Sue Rotellini

    • Other members that joined in 2003: Nelson Brown, H. Curley, Tom Henry, Doug James, H. Kleintank, Fred Lilly, Cecilia Sullivan and Marvin Waxman
  • New Members: Mike Cunningham, J. Fisher, B. Jacoby, F. Joseph, D. Lally, and B. Lehman.
  • New Members: D. Brown, D. Delaplain, D. De Lorenzo, J. Haddock, B. McCaughey, R. McCaughey, J. Parsons, and D. Singer
  • New Members: R. Artillero, A. Battersby, Arthur Bichsel, Borthwick, Gerald Bruman, Tom Cambria, Betty Campbell, H. DiPasquale, J. Foley, Jeff Gerber, McCandless, K. Rosenweig, J. Sattazawn, Jeff Schnell, M. Stoffel, and Alan Tasoff
  • New Members: G. Adams, T. Dentino, and D. Matousch

  • New Members: T. Amand, T. Bandy, D. Barry, L. Kelly, and Charlie Town
  • New Members: G. Buckeyes and Peter Kolb

  • New Members: John Andrews, William Duffield, M. Haviland, A. Keefe, and Gerald McGranthum
  • New Member: B. Keefe
  • New Members: D. Copeland, J. Errett, Kathy Fulginiti, Dave Hill, Shirley Hill, William Joe, Joe Jones, Bob Nickey, Bernard Sypniewski, L. Zoerb

The club invests in a full size demonstration lathe.
Vicmarc VL300
- New Members: Erin Peek, Fran Sage, Randy Sage, Herb Seifken, and Dan Takayama


David Ellsworth, Derek Weidman, and Barry Gross are guest demonstrators at our meetings.

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