August 2016

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #6, Issue #8
Subject: Club Minutes 8/16/2016

This evening's meeting was centered around a demonstration of how to use a skew. Marty Richter demonstrated the techniques he uses for approach, angles, grinding tips and how to achieve the best results. He was able to make two tops with just the one type of tool, ones of various sizes for very small pieces. After just a few minutes there were two tops , one so small it was hard to hold between the fingers to actually spin it. The whole room was spinning with excitement watching these pieces come to life before our eyes. A large skew with a radius was shown to be effective and used for several types of cuts rather than using different tools. After a relatively short time a very fine finial was being passed around the group, amazingly fine work not much wider than a cocktail straw.

The second demonstration showed the technique used to make a sphere. There was a discussion about how to begin turning a sphere but the conversation just seemed to go round and round. With a little practice some of the members may want to go into the Bocci business!

Thanks to Marty for his time and sharing his expertise, we can only hope to be able to make such delicate pieces without having them snap and turn to scraps in an instant. Marty is the president of the DelVal woodturning club, I'm sure they would enjoy having any of our members stop by one of their meetings to see how they operate.

Betty Campbell will have to repeat the entire demonstration as she was paying way to much attention to our newest member who is only a few months old. Shame Betty......shame.

President Bruman has again presented the challenge to make something out of an 8' 2x6 or 2x4. Use all or part of the board, just let that creativity creep out of your cranium and get crazy. Blue paint and duct tape are optional. The projects should be completed for the December meeting.

Don't forget to update your member profile for the website, any questions just ask the web advisor Gerald Bruman.

For show and tell Ron Befferman brought in an Olympic torch he turned out of corian. He plans to carry it high as he leads the athletes for the closing ceremonies in Rio. Joe brought in a couple of small cherry bowls. Tom showed some nifty handles and explained how he adds a decorative piece in the end. Doug brought in a threading jig and a lidded box that he made the threads for. Our demonstrator, Marty, brought in some alabaster pieces with finely segmented accents.

Your skirtless secretary,



Demonstration Photos

Marty Richter describing his Skew Sharpening technique (video).

Show and Tell

Raffle Items

Up Coming Events

  • August 19th, Strathmere Fire House
    • Strathmere Improvement Association Demonstration, 8:00
  • September 20th, 7:00, Upper Township Library
    • Regular meeting with tom Cambria demonstrating how to turn buttons. We will also test and critique a Carter & Sons Premium Spindle Gouge.

See you there!

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Joe Jones
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