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I thought I would try to experiment turning some Corian. I had never worked with it before and had no idea as to how to handle the cutting, gluing and turning of Corian.

The article I read advised using a carbide table saw blade and gorilla glue to glue the pieces together. To accomplish the turnings in the photo, each required five pieces of 3 inch x 6 inch of 1/2 inch Corian glued together. That took a day as I glued up only two pieces at a time and let it set for several hours to insure a solid joint.

I cut the corners off to help in the turning. The shavings from turning do make a mess as they adhere to everything. And yes, the tools require sharpening often. But the results make it worthwhile.

The vases shown in the photo are only 6 inches high.

Corian Vase

I have always looked for a better idea for dust collection at the lathe, especially while sanding.

I have used the very flexible 4 inch black hose and the almost inflexible 4 inch clear plastic hose. Both were a pain to get adjusted to the source of the dust.

While in Lowe's the other day, I purchased a length of HVAC 4 inch semi-ridiged duct and a rectangular floor vent. The duct was about 18 inches long, but it can be stretched to about 10 feet. I just stretched it to the length I wanted and connected it to the rectangular vent.

I took a piece of 12 gauge wire to hold it just below the safety cage on my Powermatic Lathe. It does not interfere with the operation of the safety cage and the duct being semi-ridiged pretty much stays where you put it. For me it works great.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

I sent a tip to everyone a few months ago, it may be one the everyone already knew. If it's not, feel free to include it in the Tips.

It was that cleaning your face mask with a sheet of fabric softener takes off the dust better than just using a regular piece of cloth or tissue.

Here is my finished segmented table lamp made of scrap pieces of Ebony from Exotic Woods.

It stands 19" tall and is very heavy. The ebony polishes up so beautifully, that it is difficult to see the segments (which could be an advantage at times).

I did make some good use of my carbide turning tools as ebony quickly dulls the HSS tools.

There were plenty of black shavings and dust to clean up. I did wear my respirator throughout this project, as I now normally do when working in the shop.

Ebony Lamp