April 2013

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #3, Issue #4
Subject: Club Minutes 4/13/2013

The regular monthly meeting of the Cape Atlantic Woodturners Club was called to order by Club President Ron Befferman at 6:57 PM. Present were: Ron Befferman, Bob Broschart, David Copeland, Tom Henry,William Joe, Gerald McGrantham, Peter Smith, Arthur Bichsel, Gerald Bruman, Kathy Fulginiti, Doug James, Joe Jones, Jeffery Schnell, Alan Tasoff and Guest Mrs. McGrantham.

The President announced that the Club had been awarded an (EOG) Educational Opportunity Grant by the Association of Woodturners (AAW) in the amount of $1,298.00.The grant will be used to offer outreach programs to youth and their parents.

Arthur Bichsel presented a detailed analysis of the Insurance Programs offered by the AAW. Of primary interest was the coverage provided by the two plans available to AAW Chapters. After considerable discussion the group favored the AAW Optional Plan. that costs $425.00 Per year. Prior to further action Arthur will seek clarification on three issues: 1) Can we still join the Optional Plan after the April 1, deadline; 2) will the $90.00 already paid reduce the cost of the Optional Plan; and 3) can any part of the EOG Grant be used toward the Insurance coverage.

Gerald McGrantham reported on the progress to re-establish the Club's website. The necessary paperwork is being prepared for the filing.

Introduction of New Members: David Copeland; Peter Smith

Member comments:

  • Kathy Fulginiti asked for suggestions for treating her lathe that had suffered salt water damage from the Sandy storm. Several products were mentioned for dealing with rust.
  • Jeffery Schnell gave a report on his attendance at the Totally Turning Conference in upstate New York.
  • Tom Henry spoke of two new products from Penn State, a heavy duty Nut Cracker and a pour Bottle Bottle Stopper. Tom also reported,on his visit to the Woodworking / Wood-turning Club at The Villages in Florida. He also noted that our access to our wood supplier may be in jeopardy and will meet with the owner to discuss the issue.

A raffle was conducted and $61.00 Was raised.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Picture Gallery

Members Present
Members Present
Members Present
Members Present
Alan Tasoff’s Coaster and Caddy Set
Joe Jones’ Lidded Box, Holly
Joe Jones’ Two Axis Spoon
Joe Jones’ Multi-Wood Coaster
Tom Henry’s Nut Cracker
Tom Henry’s Pour Stopper
Tom Henry’s Pour Stopper - Opened
Ron Befferman’s Segmented Lamp
Doug James’ Cherry Bowl
Bandsaw Blade Welding Jig Made by Arthur Bichsel
1” Bandsaw Blade Cutting Tool

Up Coming Events

  • Ron Befferman: William Joe has expressed an interest in attending the segmented workshop, which I had given in the past at my home. I can accommodate one more member. It can be accomplished on one weekend day, or two evenings during the week, usually taking about 6 hours. If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact me. We will work out a time as soon as I know who is interested. Additional segmented workshops may be presented

  • May Demonstration: Gerald Bruman will turn a bowl or two utilizing a "hot glue" process to mount the bowl. This is a process that can be used to turn bowls without investing in a chuck. He use this process when turning extremely large turnings that are too big for a chuck.

  • June Demonstration: Ron Befferman, I plan to demonstrate the ease of use of my three carbide tools. They are described as a roughing tool, a detail tool and a finishing tool. There are several positive features in using them. First, there is no sharpening involved; just revolve the head, then eventually replace it. Another feature that they claim is that it is 25 -100 times more resistant to wear than high speed steel and nearly impossible to have a catch. There are no bevels to be concerned with as in a bowl gouge because the tool is square, remains flat on the tool rest and parallel to the floor. I am not planning to make anything, but just demonstrate their ease of use and let the club members experience it.

  • Please remember your club dues If you are new. $25. Please send to Tom Henry or bring it to the next meeting.

President - Gerald Bruman
Vice President - Arthur Bichsel
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeffery Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel
Webmaster/Secretary- Gerald Mc Grantham
Website - capeatlanticwoodturners.com

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