April 2012

Cape Atlantic Woodturners Newsletter

Volume #2, Issue #4
Subject: Club Minutes 4/17/2012

The evening was well attended having some new attendees and our regular core of faithful members.

It was regretful to announce the passing of Art Keefe, he was a gentleman and will be missed.

We all owe thanks to Arthur Bichsel for all the hours he spent (along with the money) putting together tonight's metal spinning demonstration. A video was shown describing the techniques as well as a demo. Seemed a lot easier on the video than in real life after watching both Arthur and Gerald go at it. It is quite different than wood, and a lot messier than wood chips to clean up. Sadly, it doesn't seem as if our members will be lining up to buy the Metal spinning kit from Woodcraft anytime soon.

Lots of thanks to Tom, Gerald, Bob, and Jeffery for their assistance in providing equipment, and setting up for the meeting.

Show and tell was everything as it always is... outstanding. Doug James brought in a few pieces that he recently completed, this guy is a real talent. Our own mad scientist Gerald Bruman was busy in his lab drilling holes in a bowl and filling them with different mixtures and colors of epoxy. This club has some very innovative, smart, dedicated, and creative people.

Tom Henry will do some research for a fall dinner for the club at a local restaurant. Finding accommodations for a large group is not always easy so thanks Tom for doing the legwork for us.

The August meeting is tentatively planned to be held at Gerald Bruman's house. This should be another interesting outing, because nothing else in the county is like Gerald's lathes.

Next month's project is the 3 piece utensil set, so get busy now. Those not completing the project are subject to stern looks from our presidente'.

Picture Gallery

Most of the attendees
Describing alloys and their ability to be molded
Data close up Metal Disc Dia. Calculations and Spinning Speed
Gerald's Walnut Form and Turned Edge Plate
Nice job
Inside View and Form Block
Finished & Polished Form and Part
Gerald Happly Spinning Away
Shirley and Bob "Cheering" Arthur on...

Up Coming Events

  • May - Club Project Making Utility Handles
  • June - Finishing Processes Betty And Friends
  • July - Tool Grinding Demo/Workshop Jeffery And FriendsvPlus Cleaning Up Club Tools & Lathes For Next Classes at the Vo Tec
  • Aug - Tour of Geralds "Blue Monster" Lathes

See you there!

President - Ron Befferman
Vice President - Alan Tasoff
Secretary - John Andrews
Treasurer - Tom Henry
Photographer / Video - Jeff Schnell
Education - Tom Henry
Newsletter Editor - Arthur Bichsel

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